The artistic work of Bettina Nuschei has grown into expressive maturity. This means, after a logic process of cleansing, she found her stylistic unity outside of punctural dependence.

After the structured scheme of postcubistic form, she went through a period of atmospherical abstraction with transparent moiree, before she now discovered imaginary calligraphy on a base of patiently processed material.

The uniqueness of such a syntax is founded in the agreement of space, colour and handwriting, melted into each other in such harmony, that it is difficult to distinguish which of the three has the most impact, so all contraries flow into exact harmony. Indeed, every element influences the other and vice versa, perfecting the subtle composition of a contrasting centre of attention, with a quantum of complementary tension passing through.

On a generally monochrome foundation the layers of symbols, written in meta language, which in the process of artistic interaction add to the painting its perfect meaning.
In this symbolic, that never exposes the twist of outer appearance, but is given to a freely wandering hand, meditating, exposing the inner self and is therefore whole and in order.
The unexpected adds its part, when chance gambles with vocabulary between symbol and material.

Still, the work of Bettina Nuschei stays in the art is not focused on objects, as one might think, neither the eruption of material, nor the thickly spread outline, lead by analystic, beautiful vitality combined with elegance, for her execution is endlessly nuanced, far from epidermic temptation. Powerful and cultivated, elegant and controlled at the same time, she takes us on an journey through a clear mind, that measures the equilibrium and knows how to weave it into a balanced song.

Gérard Xuriguera, Paris, Art-Critic "Le Monde"