Looking at the development of Bettina Nuschei´s art you find a constancy throughout her entire work. One feels her will to combine different styles internally - in very different ways. They all follow, deeply moved, the pulsation of beauty.

Her attitude, to achieve her goals by applying various disciplines, her rare visual intuition is of advantage, celebrating music and poetry on canvas in active practice.   Especially in her latest work you feel passion and balance at the same time.

Through this, painter Bettina Nuschei belongs to a striking avantgarde. Transforming music to colour and interpreting poetic emotion using a rich palette of colour tones, she embodies the complexity, in which contemporary art finds itself today.

Music, poetry and painting all flow into one achievement and seem to open the gate to aesthetic. She expresses a very personal character in her work, which, like a mirror, reveals the sensitivity of the contemporary human being.

Today the meaning of her art is no other. And Bettina Nuschei understood, how to accept the interpretatory challenges and, through her colour, aesthetically expresses our epoch´s convulsive search for human conditions.

The painter, who enjoyed a pluralistic education and who consciously chose her artistic upbringing in some of the world´s most influential centres - Rome, Paris, New York and Munich - shows her personal expression in her exhibitions time and time again, because of, or even though she lived life pan-occidentally.

She was lucky enough to get in touch with some of the most renowned painters of contemporary modern art: we remember, that she worked in the studio of Andy Warhol -not to follow these teachings, but to discover her own language.

The latest manifestations of this artist, which dove into hyper-lettrism, have found extravagant forms, to break with tradition and with abstract expressionism.   They clearly reports of her desire, to create her own models.   Her work seems to be of extraordinary sensitivity with a powerful glow, which lets todays art sparkle in its historic moment.
What more does one wish to know about today´s modern art?

Jaume Pomar,
Poet and Curator of the Villalonja Museum,
Palma de Mallorca, May 2002